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Providing a holiday at home for your pets

in Eastbourne

We have many years of experience looking after and loving our feline friends, from tiny kittens to elderly cats.  We have also had and cared for other pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, horses and bearded dragons!

Whilst you are away, we will lovingly look after, feed and check on your pet in their own home. We know that cats are far happier in their own abode when their owners are away as opposed to being taken away to an unknown environment such as a cattery. By remaining in their home, they will have more room to move and sleep, instead of being confined to a cage, and will not have their routine changed.

Importantly, the car we drive to you house does not have logos or the name of our company emblazoned all over it, therefore not advertising to everyone that you are away and the house left unoccupied.

By allowing us to care for your pet at home, your house will not be left vacant for long periods at a time, and we will pick up your post, twitch curtains and switch lights on/off to make it look inhabited.  

Regular updates on your pet can be sent through to you whilst on holiday and we can even leave you provisions in your fridge ready for your return.

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