About me

My name is Hilary Dale and I live in Meads, Eastbourne.  

I am married with two grown up daughters.  We all love cats, having had cats from when the girls were very small. Numbers of cats in our house have ranged from one to three (although at one point we also had a litter of four adorable kittens!)  

When not looking after other people's pets, I work as the administrator of our local church.  I hold an enhanced CRB certificate and am trustworthy and reliable.


We used to put our cats into a cattery when we went on holiday, but always felt guilty that they were being confined at the time when we were off having fun.  They were always pleased to be back home - once they had finished sulking on us!  Whilst we could have asked neighbours to pop in to feed them we did not want to call on too many favours - far better to use a service where you know that the cats are being looked after properly and given the attention they deserve.

Our cats

Lola, Millie and O'Malley, plus Lola's kittens

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